School projects

Self help initiatives used to ensure the community contributed to their own development during School projects

18 September 2019

As stated in the About page, it all started with a Penistone venture scout project 1998. What followed, was that over the next few years a further nine schools being built, with the last completed in 2013. All involved young people from various backgrounds. Other than young people from the Scouts and Guide movement the Cheshire Fire Cadets were a much involved youth group.

Volunteers mixing mortar Volunteers building wall

All the young people raised the funds for the school project that they were involved with. They would eventually go to Ghana and get involved in the latter building stages of the school. They would interact with the community and share their cultures and learn form each other. There were also opportunities to learn about life in a third world environment and of the past slavery history of the country. It’s difficult to say just how much it changed their lives and thinking, but we do know it had an impact on many.

Ziava school in 2004

Like all our projects the schools built with self help initiatives that ensured the community contributed to their own development. All schools were built with the help and assistance of the Education department and local District Assemblies.