Furniture and libraries for schools

With the help of Christian African Relief Trust we were able to provide furniture to schools

17 September 2019

Another aspect of educational development was the provision of school furniture and libraries. Many UK schools were being replaced by new schools under the Governments PFI program. This meant all old furniture became available to send to Ghana. Ghana Outlook was happy to oblige and all ten schools were fitted out with school furniture from UK schools. We also set up many libraries from the donation of thousands books from the schools as they re stocked their own new libraries. Thanks to the charity ‘Christian African Relief Trust’ we were able to ship them out in the thousands and provided schools with their first every library.

Classroom Child reading book

It would be amiss of Ghana Outlook not to mention the inspiration behind Ghana Outlook. This came from one man, Joseph Achana, a purchasing office at Ho Polytechnic. He was the driver behind all our school projects and much more besides. He was a great motivator and got communities to pull together for the benefit of all. Joe sadly died in 2012 from an asthma attack. Although still greatly missed he remains the inspiration behind Ghana Outlook. Joe was a hard working Rotarian and he won the respect of many from around the world. He was awarded the highest award in Rotary, not once, but three times. It is called the ‘Paul Harris’ award and all three were award to Joe for his service to Humanity. Joe himself never looked for self credit, but others recognised his enormous contribution to the betterment of others less fortunate. For Joe, nothing was impossible, he would say “more grease to the elbow” if anyone was weakening. That’s how we try to operate today.